At A Glance

Accelerated Reader (ACR):  Accelerated Reader Program - Students at ICD read over 40,000 books last year.

Advisory Program:  For all 7/8th graders - Students assigned to teachers who mentor in faith, virtue, and academics.

Aides:  Full-time in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade, part-time in 3rd Grade and 4th Grade

Birthdays:  May be celebrated by students dressing down for the day.  Students do not bring treats for their classmates.

Calendar:  See Handbook or website:

Celebration of Faith:  Adoration 2x month, celebrate Rosary in Oct and May, Weekly Mass, Prayer Services, Virtues

Continued Care:  3:10-6:00 p.m.

Clubs & Organizations:  Circle of Lectors (6-8); Choir, (6-8) Chess (all grades); Instrumental Band (5-8); Speech (6-8); Math Team (6-8); Yearbook (7-8); Student Council (4-8);  Read, Right, and Run (all), Girls on the Run (3-5), Roc (Reach Out Club) 

Computers in Classrooms:  All classrooms are equipped with 2 student computers and 1 teacher computer.  We have two technology labs as well as a chromebook cart housing 32 chromebooks.

Counselor:  Available on staff 5 days a week.

Curriculum:  Major emphasis in the primary grades on religion, phonics/reading, and math.  Copy of the curriculum for each grade is available on our website.

Dress Code:  See Handbook. (on website)

E-Mail & Voicemail:  All teachers have FastDirect accounts and voice mail. 

Field Trips:  Teachers are encouraged to take field trips that pertain to a particular portion of the school’s curriculum.

Home & School Organization:  Parent organization which hosts 3 meetings yearly.

Hours:  School Day is 7:50-3:10, doors opening at 7:30 a.m.

Kindergarten:  Full day

Kindergarten Daily Schedule:  All classrooms have a mid-day rest/quiet time; as well as daily scheduled recesses.

Library:  K-8 visits once a week for approximately 45 minutes. 

Lunch:  Hot lunch is served daily.  Students have a choice of 2 entrees.  Program is funded by the state. 

Mass:  All students attend 1 time per week.  Parents are encouraged to join us. 

Morning Care:  6:30-7:30 a.m.

Newsletters:  The Window is published weekly and sent by FastDirect. Classroom communication is published weekly at the primary grades and posted on website.

Nurse:  Full time nurse is on staff.

Outdoor Classroom on site.

PE, Music & Art:  Students have each of these classes throughout the week

Recess:  Primary grades (K-4), depending on PE schedule, have recess in the morning, at noon, and in the afternoon.  Intermediate (5-6) have noon recess.

Report Cards:  Sent home quarterly. Grades are available through FastDirect.

Resource Department: Our Resource Department consists of one full time and one part time Learning Consultant, a full-time Math Consultant, a part-time Enhanced Curriculum Teacher, a part time Resource Teacher, a full time certified Counselor, and a full time VBRD facilitator.

School Buddies:  K-5 is paired at the beginning of the school year with another class and encouraged to spend time/special events with each other.

Security:  All exterior doors are locked during school hours.

Standardized Testing:  Grades 3-8 in September.

Teachers are Certified.

Technology Lab:  All students will visit the lab regularly.

Test Scores:  Above the average percentile and well above the average percentile in Reading and Language Arts.

Volunteering:  There are many, many ways to volunteer.  A volunteer form is sent out in July and returned to school in August.  All must have completed a background check, Code of Ethics, and Protecting God’s Children workshop.