Quality Education

Your child deserves the very best when it comes to a quality, private education. At ICD, our degreed and certified teachers along with the rigorous standards and curriculum, featuring the recognition of Common Core strategies, are designed to prepare your child for the challenges ahead in high school and in college. Here is a sampling of the innovative resources your child will take advantage of at ICD:

  • Resource Department – We are very proud of our Resource Department as it consists of one full time and one part time Learning Consultant, a full- time Math Consultant, a part-time Enhanced Curriculum Teacher and a full time certified Counselor.
  • Math Program—Children are educated according to their individual needs. Teachers utilize differentiated instruction within the classroom to facilitate lasting success. Classroom instruction is supplemented by Renaissance® Math Facts in a Flash.
  • Accelerated Reader Program – ICD has been awarded the Model School Certification in this program that promotes individual growth through vocabulary, comprehension, and reading.
  • Accelerated Math—Flash facts.
  • Saxon Phonics—A strong program at levels K-3 which supports our school wide reading and ACR program and relies heavily on the annunciation, pronunciation and the decoding of words to guide the emergent reader into a fluent reader.
  • Foreign Language—Spanish is taught at every grade level. By the time the students enter 7th grade, they are studying Spanish using a Spanish 1, high school curriculum book.
  • Enhanced Curriculum—Children at every age level are offered enrichment within their classroom, however we also serve the children who have a need for a more enhanced curriculum. The needs of these children are met weekly by attending a pull out program within the school and through the support given to their classroom teachers to further their critical thinking within the classroom as well.
  • Technology—Every classroom is equipped with two student computers and a Smart Board for interactive learning. Our school has two separate computer labs with thirty computers each,totaling sixty additional computers for the students to use. Each classroom has Technology as one of their Special classes of the week. Our Resource Department has several IPads as a source of learning for the students.
  • Library—Equipped with more than 13,000 titles and two computers. Students visit the Library once a week as a Special Class and are encouraged to visit on their own throughout the week.Our librarian is a certified teacher and is full-time.
  • Band—ICD offers band in the 6,7, and 8th grades. Students also learn Guitar in 7th grade.
  • Science Labs—There are two equipped Science labs and an Outdoor classroom on site.
  • Our children’s standard test scores average range is above the archdiocesan average in all subject areas.
  • Tuition assistance is available.